About APS

At APS, we use a collaborative system that employs psychological expertise and corporate experience to solve intractable People problems and create thriving workplaces.

We encourage a group culture that embraces individual development, workplace diversity, respect, and the fostering of shared goals. We also really like Star Wars and space stuff.

Our experience

There is no “magic pill” for success; we work with our clients to tailor a programme appropriate to their needs.

  • APS engages with clients to assess challenges and present the most time- and cost-effective options to overcome them.
  • Our links with universities in the US and Britain – who are at the forefront of organisational, leadership and motivation research – continue to be a huge advantage for our clients. Our memberships with the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society allow APS access to cutting-edge research and literature on individual and organisational performance, keeping us abreast of contemporary best practice.
  • With more than 100 different client solutions in the last five years, we know our proven advisory and methodology can address your issues. We offer a variety of services, including antiracism advisory, leadership consulting, workshops, seminars and bespoke programmes.
  • John Amaechi is an exponent of the Carl Rogers school of humanistic psychology and believes in the power of his authentic personal interactions to catalyse tangible change within organisations.

Our vision

 To work in partnership with our clients becoming their unparalleled solutions factory by enabling them to evolve now in anticipation of the future world of work. 

Our mission

To help every client imagine and realise their winning edge, by delivering evidence-based, multi-disciplinary excellence that enables them to cope and thrive through disruption. 

Our values

Trust & Integrity

 Our words to our colleagues and our clients are our promises. We are transparent, thoughtful and candid in our interactions with colleagues and clients. An unshakable confidence that the behaviour of colleagues will be reliable, consistent and congruent. 


 “Hoover the landing” – a story in The Promises of Giants,  speaks to showing that we mean what you say.  We walk the talk. We take personal ownership of outcomes, ensuring they will be delivered to colleagues and clients on time and on target. 


Teamwork is a perpetual state of calculated selflessness. APS Intelligence colleagues are “all in.” 


A continuous commitment to learn, adapt and grow while we deliver for colleagues and clients. An openness to new ideas, robust feedback and an acceptance that discomfort is a proxy for inexpertise. 


A combination of ambition, boldness and vulnerability that demands we rise to the challenge, take calculated risks and drive forward through uncertainty. 

Our people

Peter Carroll


Eve Osborne

Head of Operations

Client Success

Gina Abbequaye

Head of Delivery

Client Delivery

Chris Garrison

Senior Trainer

Client Delivery

Elisha Gardner

Client Relationship Manager

Client Services

Naomi Nanor

Membership Manager

Client Success

Julie Newbon

Business Operations Administrator

Client Success

Kimberley Sadler

Client Success Manager

Client Success

Helen Russell

Executive Assistant

Client Success

Really? They said that?

Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the ‘me’ for the ‘we’.

Phil Jackson | NBA Coach