Tanni Grey-Thompson

From Olympian to Peer

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE is one of the UK’s most accomplished Paralympic athletes, and her success on the field of competition has led her to the House of Lords, where she serves as a cross-bench peer.

Tanni utilises her expertise in diversity and disability to help organisational leaders to understand the importance of creating inclusive workplaces for all levels of personnel.

Coaching experience built on the transition from elite athlete to Peer

Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE is a cross-bench member of the House of Lords.  She is a passionate campaigner, a high-profile strategic leader, a public figure, a wife and mother and a former elite-athlete.

One of Great Britain’s most successful Paralympic athletes, Tanni knows what it takes to succeed and how to build a successful team.  She understands how to plan, solve problems and ultimately enable each client to achieve their goals.

Tanni joined the House of Lords as an independent cross bench peer in 2010.  She has shown in her political career the same determination and desire to drive change and highlight unfairness.  Her position as a cross-bencher is well suited to her; she uses her objective faculties to scrutinise and anticipate the unintended consequences of individual decisions, policies and legislation.

Tanni has various executive and non-executive roles and is sought after for her ability to deal confidently with change and inspire innovation, not to mention her ability to take the wider, strategic view to manage difficult decisions effectively.

Tanni has unique skills to defuse and deflect negativity and can help her clients understand and adapt those same skills for their use.  In 2000 she was voted into third place in the BBC Sports Personality awards, however the BBC hadn’t provided a ramp or means for Tanni to join the other winners on the stage.

There was an outcry, Tanni stayed calm throughout, but the gaffe by the broadcaster highlighted the lack of facilities for disabled people.

Tanni uses her problem-solving and teamwork-enhancing skills to great effect, whether it’s in the boardroom, the House of Lords or on the school run. Tanni’s understanding of her own transition and the techniques she employed to go from elite-athlete to Peer make her the ideal choice for learning more about yourself, how you can achieve in life, and how you can balance the challenges of business with the responsibilities of family and public life.