Chris Garrison

About Chris Garrison

Chris is the guardian of the APS brand and the living catalog of our services. Chris works directly with our clients to find the best solutions to meet their organisational challenges.

The droid you’re looking for

Chris joined the APS team in 2016 and brings to the table over 20 years of corporate experience in both the US and UK. Chris is a refugee of Wall Street, and after leaving the high-paced world of the financial industry, she went to work for one of the world’s leading cycling brands, where she honed her skills in media, public speaking, marketing, and building client relationships.

In addition to her role as one of our performance coaches, Chris works with clients to identify which APS services match their organisational needs.

Outside of work, Chris is both a geek, and a nerd. She considers Star Wars to be the greatest science fiction canon of all time. She’s also an avid cyclist, and still provides commentary on the state of the cycling industry in two publications.

Chris is a fierce advocate for equality for minority groups, and is a firm believer in self-expression through the medium of socks.