Joshua Street

About Joshua Street

Joshua joined APS in 2020 as a Senior Trainer. Joshua brings to the table a vast array of experience facilitating internationally for big tech companies to start-ups to youth centres and more on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Technology, Business and HR. Joshua embodies the warmth and expertise at APS to ensure that the audience get the most out of his workshops creating behavioural and organisational change.

As a former GB athlete competing at the World Youth Olympics, World Junior Championships and at the Commonwealth Youth Games, he embodies drive, determination and dedication and redirects that energy into creating the most seamless, engaging and thought-provoking experiences for our clients.

Outside of work Joshua balances training intensely with nerding/geeking out equally as much in all things animation, gaming, and pop culture whilst striving to be the Yoda of HR (whilst wearing a one of his trademark checked shirts). He is our go-to ‘deck support guy’ based on his years of experience being a PowerPoint master.

Joshua is a fierce advocate for equality and equity in not just in organisations but through-out society being a voice for multiple marginalised, diverse and underrepresented groups.