Marianna Michailidou

About Marianna Michailidou

Marianna was welcomed into the APS team in 2020, bringing her expertise in clinical psychology and her immense love for research and statistics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, which focused onto mental health and psychological practice. Her master’s dissertation thesis was then published at the Elsevier Journal of Personality and Individual Differences.

Marianna has also accumulated 2 years of both further research and clinical experience, making her an expert in data analysis and interviews/focus groups. She is an exceptional problem solver based on her clinical background, which allows her to spot people issues and challenge them from a mile away. She consistently attends conferences and is an active member of ongoing and future research, as she is a focused psychologist working on her continuous professional development (CPD).

Marianna is yet another example of the geek/nerd combination that is prevalent in APS. She loves reading books and watching movies, travelling and exploring new places, and collecting super rare vinyl records (she has collected 100 so far, while she claims: “There can never be enough records in a home!”).

Marianna is a strong supporter of equality, diversity and inclusion across all dimensions of a person’s life challenges, which is not limited to a workplace environment. Finally, she believes that: “Together, we can make wonderful changes happen”.