Yasmin Sheikh

About Yasmin Sheikh

Yasmin is a Senior Trainer in Race, Inclusion and Inclusive Leadership. She helps organisations empower their workforce to be confident about diversity issues through her consultancy services, workshops, speaking and coaching. Yasmin specialises in disability inclusion in the workplace and also draws on her lived experiences as a disabled woman. She worked as a lawyer in the City for 12 years before setting up her own consultancy prior to joining APS in February 2021.

Yasmin is also a multi-award winning international speaker, TEDx speaker, 2018 winner of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, (in association with Natwest) for her work in tackling pre-conceptions about disability, LGBT and ethnic minorities, Vice-Chair of Lawyers with Disabilities at the Law Society. She also recently won Changemaker of the Year awarded by the Professional Speakers’ Academy for her work in changing cultures in organisations.

In her spare time, Yasmin does stand up/sit down comedy sharing her funny encounters with the public as a wheelchair user. She collected her OBE when purchasing a sandwich in Pret last week.