Advisory designed to meet your needs

Organisational advisory isn’t a very specific term. That’s okay with us, because APS advisory services cover a broad spectrum. We work with Boards and senior leadership, HR, L&D, and more. Our expertise can help with initiatives around People strategy development, to guidance for senior HR executives, and many other leadership and cultural challenges. Whatever the format, APS’ approach is to partner with sponsors to help you shape and deliver your objectives.

Why choose APS?

APS has more than a decade of experience helping organisations navigate challenges and exploit opportunities as they arise. The ongoing economic uncertainty and day-to-day geopolitical machinations make it ever more essential to check against group think and eliminate – as much as possible – unintended consequences when vital decisions are made.

Becoming an antiracist organisation

APS is uniquely positioned to provide advisory to senior leaders that creates understanding of the nuances of racism and provides solutions for moving individuals and the organisation towards an antiracist culture.

Board advisory

APS has vast experience in board advisory from our work with FTSE boards across numerous industry sectors. We enable boards to combine their strategic outlook with the capacity for tactical agility under pressure. APS forms true partnerships to help our clients build the most effective, resilient, and high-functioning board possible.

The Organisational Diagnostic illuminates the status quo around leadership and culture, and the performance-limiting challenges that require intervention to enable the organisation to win. Data from interviews and the APS Diagnostic survey are analysed to create an objective assessment of the current environment and presented to sponsors along with recommendations.

Values refresh

APS works with sponsors to refresh values using a method that invites colleagues from all areas of a business to participate in the process. Key themes are distilled from the inputs and presented to sponsors for final curation. The follow-on step from a values refresh is the development of a behavioural framework that establishes both what is expected and what is not accepted within an organisation.

Culture & People strategy

Creating a high-performing workplace culture requires a methodical approach with stated goals and measurable outcomes. APS guides clients through a specific methodology to create culture and People strategies leading to measurable actions that are aligned with organisational objectives.

ERG/Network evolution

Our network advisory is built around 4 pillars that are essential in order for networks to be seen as strategic contributors, rather than just sanctuaries for minority groups. We evaluate the efficacy of existing networks, informing the robust network governance, leadership criteria, and OKRs that support D&I strategy in alignment with organisational strategy.

No change initiative can work without an evidence-based approach and thorough understanding of your starting point. APS works with clients to understand the status quo and then design solutions to deliver desired outcomes for high-performing culture.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk to us about your challenges. Our organisational advisory expertise covers a range of subject areas in addition to those listed above.

Really? They said that?

If you want to do something meaningful to step up to the promises you have made to address issues in your organisation, you need John and APS on your team.

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