Why cultural assessments matter

No theory of change says that objectives can be achieved without first understanding the status quo. APS’ Organisational Diagnostic assesses culture in order to identify the root causes of workplace challenges and to provide a true representation of the cultural status quo across the following dimensions:

  • Values & purpose
  • Communication
  • Leadership expectations
  • Recruitment
  • Succession
  • Feedback & appraisal
  • Performance management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Organisational ambition

APS’s Organisational Diagnostic can be conducted virtually or face-to-face. To read our Organisational diagnostic case study, click here.

The Diagnostic process

Material review and survey

The Diagnostic process begins with the APS Diagnostic survey and a review of existing internal data, such as engagement surveys. This data provides an understanding of ‘what’ is happening in an organisation.

Discussion groups and interviews

Discussion groups and individual interviews provide understanding of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind the way things currently are within an organisation’s culture, from the perspective of colleagues within it.

Findings and recommendations

We combine and analyse the data from the survey and discussion phases in order to identify the root causes behind any cultural challenge. We summarise those findings into a detailed report along with potential risks and our recommendations for what is required to create sustainable change.

Post-Diagnostic implementation plan

After the delivery of the final report, APS can extend work with sponsors to prioritise and phase the recommendations, delivering the most effective solutions for meeting strategic goals.

If you are wondering ‘where should we start?’ then this is it. The Organisational Diagnostic illustrates ‘point A’ and helps you get to ‘point B’.

Really? They said that?

The diagnostic work has helped us to better understand how colleagues feel working in our organisation.  The positive approach taken by the APS team enabled our colleagues to respond in confidence and honestly. The output of this work has helped our business better understand strengths and opportunities to drive improvement, as well as think about things we hadn’t even considered before. We now have a very clear plan to work towards.

Rebecca Mallows | Head of HR, Booker Wholesale