People make choices. Choices make culture.

At APS, we believe that people create the organisational culture of their workplace through words and actions. We provide world-class insight, based on the latest contemporary research into human behaviour which ensures our solutions are steeped in evidence and delivered in pragmatic and accessible ways.

Our solutions

The timelines for change that most organisations adopted have been accelerated in unprecedented ways. This increased pace places new demands on leadership and organisational agility. APS works with clients to help them adjust to this rapidly-changing concept of the future of work, and to meet the revised expectations of colleagues.

Leadership is not a job title, rather it’s a promise that leaders make about the kind of experience they will create for their people. When examining the characteristics that people demand of their leaders, technical expertise and the ability to manipulate a spreadsheet rarely score well. It’s about emotional labour. APS is uniquely positioned to combine an understanding of these expectations with the know-how to help leaders meet these demands.

D&I is not an ‘add on’ or ‘nice to have.’ It is the foundation for everything within an organisation. Even operational elements have a culture root that can be enhanced through strategic D&I initiatives. Our approach is rooted in behavioural science, demonstrating the difference between ‘doing something’ and doing something effective.

There are behavioural differences between high-performing teams and what are merely groups of elite individuals. Collaboration requires authentic connection between people striving towards shared objectives, allayed to an understanding that this will require certain behavioural elements. APS understands teams intrinsically, polished through practical experience and a rich evidence base.

How a company describes itself on ‘About Us’ pages, and the values language it espouses, paints a rosy picture of the experience people will have within that organisation. This promise is rarely reflected in reality, leading to disengagement and churn. We are experts in auditing organisational culture and providing advisory on how to ensure that self-referential rhetoric matches behavioural reality.

Really? They said that?

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is mere tenacity.

Amelia Earhart | Aviator