Change requires agile learning

Global events have obliterated those 2-5 year timelines that most organisations had for ‘the future world of work’ and their various inclusion initiatives. Organisational change, planned to develop over years, has been brought forward almost overnight, leaving many organisations fighting fires and abandoning strategic plans. The solution: agile learning culture.

APS services for leading change

Agile learning cultures require a paradigm shift in the way many organisations operate currently — away from traditional notions of presenteeism and utilisation. These can be hard habits to break, which is why subject-matter expertise from APS can provide insights and understanding of the need to become a culture that learns, in order to be a culture that wins.

Change often starts by understanding whether organisational culture and values are fit for purpose in the new world of work. Leaders must avoid the seductive ease of ‘the new normal’ and instead see this change as an opportunity for a cultural clean slate. APS can help identify opportunities for culture change and ensure values have an operational behavioural framework that makes clear ‘who we are here.’

So just how do you determine the status quo of your culture in order to activate change initiatives? Our Organisational Diagnostic process combines quantitative and qualitative data to identify areas of opportunity and challenge in organisational culture, and a robust set of recommendations to help our clients meet their change objectives.

The Big Question

An hour-long session designed around a question, co-created with you, can be used to effectively position your change initiatives and the role individuals play in successfully shifting the organisation towards desired outcomes.

Really? They said that?

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw | Playwright & activist