Do your organisational culture and values help you win?

Radical changes in the economic and geopolitical landscape mean that businesses must learn to evolve their organisational culture to overcome challenges and find new opportunities for growth. Too often, we see companies applying the necessary heavy scrutiny to legal and policy implications, while people and values are seen as less important.

Values are promises to colleagues about the kind of experience they can expect, and too often that experience fails to live up to expectations. Instead, a set of ‘hidden rules’ dictate organisational culture and create a differential experience for large groups of people.

We help organisations avoid the pitfalls of culture and values that arise from an over-emphasis on compliance and logistics, and an under-emphasis on employee engagement.

Matching rhetoric and behaviour. The APS services for culture and values initiatives:

No culture change can happen without first understanding the organisational status quo. Our Organisational Diagnostic process identifies the root causes of culture challenges, the ‘hidden rules’ that undermine values statements, and the pockets of non-inclusive behaviour that limit performance. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to produce pragmatic recommendations that drive culture change.

Values refresh

Company values must be fit for purpose and live up to the expectations of a modern workplace. Without an accompanying behavioural framework, values too often become platitudes. Ideally, they would be an operationalised set of behaviours and measures that make it clear ‘who we are here.’ Our expertise can help create a new set of values and behaviours that live up to the demands of your colleagues.

Culture & People strategy / advisory

Organisations must fight the urge to return to ‘business as usual’ and use language around ‘the new normal.’ The recent global events provide a tremendous opportunity for a cultural clean slate: a chance to renew a People strategy that creates an inclusive culture for all. APS is uniquely positioned to provide insights and guidance for strategy development.

The Big Question

Our Big Question sessions have been used to address pressing issues for leadership teams around cultural agility and flexing to meet the new demands of their people. We tailor these sessions around a relevant question for your business, and deliver insights in an hour-long format that includes 25 minutes of practical insights from John Amaechi followed by 30 minutes for Q&A.


Speeches are a great way to launch new cultural initiatives and values with a bang. A speech by John Amaechi weaves insights on the importance of workplace culture with understanding of the role that each person plays in living organisational values, illuminated by personal anecdotes and storytelling.

Organisational culture initiatives require more than a ‘menu’ of options to deliver, so if you don’t see what you are looking for here please get in touch. We create bespoke solutions for clients to meet their specific needs.

Really? They said that?

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.

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