High-performance demands adaptation

Covid-19 has accelerated the arrival of the future world of work that everyone, until recently, believed to be some years distant. Remote working and client management became normal in the blinking of an eye. The world of work has changed and “the genie is not going back in the bottle.”

Solutions for the changing world of work

APS has been researching the changing workplace for several years. We’ve examined data and projections from economic, sociological and environmental experts, in addition to collating insights from businesses and HR leaders across Europe and the United States. While we can’t claim to have a crystal ball, we can outline how the future of work will develop, and we can describe the interpersonal, cultural, leadership, logistical and infrastructure changes necessary to enable a resilient and ‘future-proof’ organisation.

Below are our services to help your organisation meet tomorrow’s demands, today.

Perfect for a catalyst event or to create motivation for change, speeches by John Amaechi can help leaders understand the role they play in meeting the new expectations of the workplace and avoid anchoring ways of working that are no longer fit for purpose.

The Big Question

The Big Question helps our clients to fill an engagement void that stems from the new ‘Working From Home’ environment and creates ‘A ha!’ moments around contemporary topics. We help clients craft a question based on something relevant to their workplace and provide insights in a 25-minute response followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Our Masterclasses and seminars cover a range of topics vital for success in the future world of work. Ranging from our Connected Leaders Series to our Managing Difficult Conversations seminar, each of these sessions combines evidence-based methodology and real-world experiences to motivate both individual and organisational change.

It’s one thing to aim for workplace agility. It’s quite another to know how to achieve that objective across the numerous strands of an organisation. We know that leaders have more questions than answers when it comes to the future world of work. We’ve been providing answers to boards, C-suite leaders, and HR leads for a number of years.

An ideal way to ensure you are making the right decisions about the future of work is to understand what your people expect. The Organisational Diagnostic is both starting point and launch pad for organisational change. We’ll find out what needs to happen and provide recommendations to help you meet stated objectives.

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Really? They said that?

This engagement with APS has been challenging and impactful. John and APS have a deep understanding of organisational behavioural change which has some unique layers in relation to racial inequality. I would happily recommend them to a friend, colleague or any organisation who want to ensure their strategic approach to leadership is fit for purpose.

Vice-Chair | A Big Four firm