Better L&D for all

Learning and Development should be in alignment with overall business strategy, since it is about the development of the business’ people, after all. High performance depends on great L&D, and those pathways start with recruitment and extend through every element of a person’s career. APS works with clients across the entire L&D spectrum, from strategy to delivery.

L&D services

L&D advisory

APS can assist L&D leaders with a range of advisory, from helping to shape learning strategy around the objectives of the organisation to evaluating the efficacy of various L&D initiatives.

Coaching isn’t just for athletes. It’s for anyone who strives for high performance. Coaching from APS is a guided process which helps our clients discover solutions to their performance objectives and challenges from within.

The Big Question

Our Big Question sessions are designed to answer a pressing, contextual question that is relevant to your organisation. For L&D leads, this might be around designing programs in line with D&I strategy or how to help leaders develop in line with the expectations of a modern workforce. This hour-long format is delivered by John Amaechi and consists of shared insights and expertise followed by discussion and Q&A.

Our masterclasses help leaders adjust to the new world of work into which they’ve been catapulted with little warning. Leading through these times is energy-intensive. APS masterclasses combine much-needed thought leadership with practical skills and steps that leaders can implement immediately with confidence.

APS workshops cover a range of subjects, including building and maintaining high-performance teams, understanding how inclusion contributes to performance, building trust, managing difficult conversations, busting the myths of D&I, and more.

Our leadership development program helps identify and fill any gaps in your leadership skills, knowledge and understanding. Our Giant community provides access to a wealth of insight as part of a diverse cohort of leaders, and future leaders be challenged and supported in equal measure as you learn and develop
network in a unique community of professionals across all sectors across the UK and worldwide

L&D is a mighty vessel in organisations and our list of services goes beyond what you see here. Get in touch if you want to discuss your specific L&D needs.

Really? They said that?

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welch | Former CEO, General Electric