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Creating a high-performance culture that is founded on inclusivity requires each colleague to have a foundational understanding of diversity and inclusion, not simply from a knowledge standpoint but also by practicing inclusive behaviours on a personal daily basis.

APS has delivered hundreds of impactful client solutions to global FTSE 250 companies, improving their organisational culture and performance. Typically, APS engages at senior levels within organisations to develop leaders into custodians of organisational culture. Clients have asked APS to find ways to instil a foundational understanding of diversity and inclusion at all organisational levels to extend the custody of workplace culture to everyone. We responded by creating our own digital learning solution.

Way more than ‘awareness training’

Our Digital Learning Platform is an evidence-based, pedagogically excellent diversity and inclusion programme to maximise learning and create behaviour change. Here’s what you can expect from the APS Digital Learning Platform.

Language of inclusion

At its core, this programme establishes a common vocabulary for conversations between colleagues and sets the expectation for inclusive behaviours in day-to-day interactions. This becomes the shared language of inclusion across the organisation.

Awareness & impact

Awareness raising on its own isn’t enough to create sustainable change, but when combined with behavioural change techniques, participants will understand how their behaviour impacts others and what they can do to be vigilant and more inclusive.

Behaviour change techniques

At the heart of the DLP are numerous behaviour change techniques that participants can implement immediately. These are built within every module and delivered in a highly engaging format that goes far beyond typical ‘click and quiz’ programs.

Available & accessible

The APS DLP is available 24/7 on any device and is screen reader compatible. All video and audio portions are captioned and readability makes it easy for everyone to understand the concepts in a way that doesn’t sound overly technical.

Administrator portal

The APS DLP includes an administrator portal so that you can onboard participants internally and monitor progress. You can create cohorts, view participation numbers, and see progress by individual participants as well as analytics to gauge overall participation.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of the APS DLP, simply get in touch.

Really? They said that?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela | Anti-apartheid revolutionary