Making modern leaders

Workplaces have experienced a level of disruption not seen in generations. Constant change is the new normal, and old school leadership styles can’t match the pace of agile, innovative and inclusive workplaces. APS Intelligence offers leadership development that helps leaders adapt and thrive in the ever-changing new normal.

Our services for leadership development


STARs™ is an evidence-based leadership inventory that deploys 9 leadership dimensions focused on the traits and social identity attributes required to lead in the changing world of work. After completing a quantitative self-assessment, individuals receive a report encompassing their personal leadership inventory score and a development roadmap, setting out what needs to be true to reach their leadership potential. STARs™ can also be run for a cohort and yields a supplemental report for sponsors that showcases the spectrum of leadership capability across the anonymised group.

STARs™ 360

Our STARs™ 360 programme extends the utility of the STARs™ inventory by incorporating peer submissions across the 9 leadership dimensions. Unlike other 360 assessments, the STARs™ 360 inventory focuses questions on leadership potential, rather than relying on a subjective assessment of current performance. It complements individual STARs™ self-assessment in a single report, providing an evidence-based picture of development areas. Sponsors will receive a cohort report that showcases the spectrum of leadership capability across the anonymised group.

Career Acceleration Program (CAP)

The APS Intelligence CAP programme combines STARs™ with additional tools to build individual leadership capabilities and competencies. The spectrum of interventions includes peer-to-peer learning via Mastermind groups, group coaching, individual coaching for candidates in succession planning processes, Masterclasses and more. We recommend coaching and development streams for line managers and sponsors of programme participants. APS Intelligence will partner with sponsors to tailor a right sized blend to align with existing interventions and leadership development objectives.

Really? They said that?

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again. Fear must be overcome again and again.

Abraham Maslow | Psychologist