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Leaders have been catapulted into a new environment where they need to find new ways to connect, engage, and motivate their teams. Leading through these times is demanding and energy-expensive, and leaders cannot be expected to take additional acute demands always in their stride. In the same way that colleagues need to feel psychologically safe and valued, leaders need to be competent and feel supported in their extended leadership role.


The Connected Leaders Series comprises 3 virtual masterclasses to develop and hone specific skills for leading in this nascent environment. These 60-minute interactive sessions combine awareness, learning and behaviour change techniques.

Connected Leaders Series

Inclusive Leaders

A foundational introduction to inclusive leadership

Trust Before Performance

Describes techniques for assessing and enhancing trust between leaders and their reports

Leading Remote Teams

Enhances the interpersonal and operational skills required to lead remote teams

Developing high-performing teams

There is an enormous performance difference between a group of talented individuals and a high-performing team. This seminar teaches leaders how to apply an operational model that will develop the individuals they lead into teams, paving the way for high performance.

The Big Question

Our Big Question sessions have been used to address pressing issues for leadership teams around cultural agility and flexing to meet the new demands of their people. We tailor these sessions around a relevant question for your business, and deliver them in an hour-long format that includes 25 minutes of practical insights from John Amaechi and 30 minutes for Q&A.

Leading for the future world of work

The future of work is arriving sooner than we thought. Despite advances in AI, analytics, and technology, the future of work is still HUMAN, and this will place different demands on leadership. This seminar highlights how leaders can assess their preparedness for the future of work across six dimensions from which they can create development objectives to future-proof their leadership.

Well-being for leaders

Leaders must take care of themselves to be able to lead effectively: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Given time and resource constraints and ever more challenging targets, this seminar provides leaders with some indispensable tools that quickly and efficiently enhance personal wellbeing.


Managing difficult conversations

Bad behaviour acts like a slow poison when left unchallenged. However, fear of unintentional negative consequences of challenging colleagues often results in reliance on a rare hope that things will get better on their own. As a result, we don’t always respond to poor behaviours by having the difficult conversations as and when they are needed. This leadership masterclass provides participants with a 5-point framework for having effective difficult conversations at work.

Myths of D&I

Our Myths of D&I seminar targets commonly-held beliefs about diversity & inclusion which lack any valid evidence-base. The session is designed to combat D&I conjecture and guesswork and, instead, deliver evidence-based facts and research interspersed with moving and relatable stories that engage, inspire, and galvanise the audience. Also available in a longer workshop format.

Really? They said that?

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

Harvey S. Firestone | Founder of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company