Coaching isn’t just for athletes

Your performance at work deserves the same degree of development as any athlete’s does on the playing field. Coaching from APS guides you through a process designed to help you reach your performance potential.

Going from good to great

Seeking out coaching demonstrates a wisdom in understanding that no matter your level of experience, development is an ongoing process and it isn’t enough to be ‘good enough.’ You don’t have to face the challenge of self-improvement alone.

Coaching and mentoring formats

Individual coaching – virtual

  • Coaching delivered by John Amaechi, Chris Garrison, Peter Carroll or Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Seven sessions of 60 or 90-minutes over 6 months
  • Quick 5-minute answers to ‘burning questions’ via scheduled call

Group coaching

  • Up to 3 people
  • One 30-minute induction call per participant
  • Six 60 or 90-minute group sessions
  • Quarterly sponsor updates on agenda, goals and progress

Ask me anything

These sessions are an opportunity with to pose questions about your real-world challenges and receive insights on navigating people, politics and the unwritten rules of workplaces. Participants hone their tools and insights for developing effective relationships with people who are different from them enhancing their leadership of and participation in diverse teams.

Our coaches

John Amaechi OBE

John is a challenging coach who helps clients realise their potential and join the ranks of Everyday Jedi.

Peter Carroll

Peter creates an environment for clients to realise their potential by applying varying degrees of structure, tension and space to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking.

Chris Garrison

Chris employs an innate inquisitive flair to help people uncover the missing link that propels them from good to great.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE

Tanni uses experience gained by transitioning from elite athlete to Cross-Bench Peer to develop women in senior leadership positions who juggle portfolio careers.

Really? They said that?

I was very impressed with your ability to listen, process and play back what you hear. Credibility is important to me and I’m going to learn a lot more from you than ‘management training’.

You provide both a ‘toolkit’ which is important,  but I can now see that ‘tips & tricks’ are only part of the full picture.  I now know there are a set of mindsets that transcend all of that more tactical aspect, and now I am embracing that!

Senior Executive | FTSE 100 Technology firm