No ‘sheep dipping’ here

Many workshop offerings are based on ‘raising awareness’. This alone can’t create meaningful culture change, and often results in a surge of only short-term impact. APS workshops are based on evidence-based behaviour change techniques and leave participants with a deeper understanding of their personal role in improving performance for themselves and their colleagues.

Our workshops for building high-performance culture

Race Fluency

The global discussion on race has highlighted the need for increased competency and comfort on the topic within organisations. Our Race Fluency session is highly immersive and starts with basic inclusion and racism building blocks before stretching participants to develop perspectives and skills to become proactive allies in the development of a more inclusive organisational culture.

Myths of D&I

Reading the literature on organisational change, it’s clear that change doesn’t begin from a blank slate. It begins with numerous perspectives and strongly-held ideas about the status quo. In order to create effective change an intervention must start by helping people unlearn false narratives and disavow ‘facts’ that are really myths. The Myths of D&I programme is an interactive session that uses anonymous online questions to create ‘A ha!’ moments that are the foundation for new learning.

Find your giant

Participants will learn that leadership is better described as a promise and not a role or a job description– it is a promise of a particular type of experience, and people managers and leaders are the promise keepers and that you can offer your best without holding anything back when you lead authentically. And when you do this, you allow those who work with and for you to do the same. It makes for a happier, healthier work environment and, more importantly, a higher performing one.

Bias is something we all have. We start picking up social cues at a very young age, and some of these lead to behaviours that are based on bias. This isn’t ‘unconscious’, since we do have agency over our own behaviour. Our sessions focus on understanding the origins of bias in our minds, how those influence our behaviours and what we can do to be more vigilant about bias in our everyday interactions.

Inclusion fluency

This session focuses on basic inclusion concepts and barriers that people managers and leaders need to be familiar with. It will raise levels of knowledge, explain simple tools for use day-to-day whilst being interactive, sometime humorous, and sometimes challenging. It is recommended to schedule a 1-hour webinar a couple of months after the session to check in on ‘what is going well’, ‘even better if’ to deepen peer learning, peer-to-peer accountability whilst creating as an opportunity to ‘ask an expert’ for guidance.

Organisational culture initiatives require more than a ‘menu’ of options to deliver, so if you don’t see what you are looking for here please get in touch. We create bespoke solutions for clients to meet their specific needs.

Really? They said that?

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again. Fear must be overcome again and again.

Abraham Maslow | Psychologist