No ‘sheep dipping’ here

Many workshop offerings are based on ‘raising awareness’. This alone can’t create meaningful culture change, and often results in a surge of only short-term impact. APS workshops are based on evidence-based behaviour change techniques and leave participants with a deeper understanding of their personal role in improving performance for themselves and their colleagues.

Our workshops for building high-performance culture

Anatomy of A Team

People don’t understand teams very well. They often misconstrue that a collection of highly skilled individuals with a common objective, in any environment, ‘makes’ a team. Anatomy of A Team is designed to address one of the most common questions we hear from leaders: how can groups of talented people be converted into the high-functioning teams essential for sustained success through times of disruption?

Anatomy of Inclusion

The Anatomy of Inclusion programme allows participants to be guided through frank conversations about the status quo of inclusivity and the desire within organisations to expand, and then maximise, cultural diversity. APS uses the best contemporary science on inclusion, explained through stories and vignettes that make the concepts relatable to a broad cross-section of people. Content will challenge participants, demand introspection, and inspire positive change.

Anatomy of Trust

Trust is not intangible. It is based on an assessment of the behaviour, body language and rhetoric employed by people around us and the perception of alignment between what is said and what is experienced. This workshop challenges participants to understand why they may not be fully trusted as a cohort and embrace the delay in gratification required to secure sustainable trust – especially if it’s been sub-optimal or absent previously.

Myths of D&I

Reading the literature on organisational change, it’s clear that change doesn’t begin from a blank slate. It begins with numerous perspectives and strongly-held ideas about the status quo. In order to create effective change an intervention must start by helping people unlearn false narratives and disavow ‘facts’ that are really myths. The Myths of D&I programme is an interactive session that uses anonymous online questions to create ‘A ha!’ moments that are the foundation for new learning.

Managing difficult conversations

Our Managing Difficult Conversations workshop is designed to empower employees to tackle difficult conversations around challenges that they may experience on a daily basis. We explore what exclusion, bias, unfairness and discrimination look like in the workplace, giving participants the tools to identify them. Next, we teach how to speak out against them, influencing organisational behaviour and asserting the necessary changes to promote a positive working environment which increases productivity and reduces the risks of reputational and financial damage.

To balance the logistical challenge of scaling delivery to global organisations whilst maintaining the integrity and quality of APS’s interventions, we have developed a Digital Learning Platform (DLP) to deliver education, training, and impactful behaviour change across whole organisations. A combination of mixed media and gamification interwoven with research and story-telling, creates high levels of participant engagement and enjoyment across a series of 5-7 modules.

Organisational culture initiatives require more than a ‘menu’ of options to deliver, so if you don’t see what you are looking for here please get in touch. We create bespoke solutions for clients to meet their specific needs.

Really? They said that?

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again. Fear must be overcome again and again.

Abraham Maslow | Psychologist