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When you need a speaker who can engage an audience and illuminate relevant, factual information with storytelling and personal anecdotes, look no further than APS for your keynote speeches.

Speeches by John Amaechi OBE

John is a highly-regarded international public speaker on a wide variety of subjects. He has addressed diverse audiences in the academic, corporate, educational, and philanthropic domains.

John delivers keynote speeches that are designed to impress on his audiences that we can all be remarkable agents for positive change, whether on a family, community, educational, corporate, or governmental level. In all of these contexts, “…the most improbable of people, in the most unlikely of places can become extraordinary.”

John will deliver a speech that is relevant and contextual to your organisation. Examples of speeches are below.


Leaders as giants
The promise of leadership
The genie is out of the bottle – leadership in the new world of work

Change management

Rethinking change as a shared mindset rather than as a logistical process

How to plan for and achieve the improbable

More chance of being hit by a meteor


How to create and sustain high-performing teams


Psychological safety as a prerequisite for innovation


How colleagues and leaders can sustain an environment of trust

The future world of work

The future is human: the impact of technology and integration of new generations on the face of 21st century leadership


Building a workplace where meeting the ultimate challenges and thriving are not a zero-sum game

Diversity & Inclusion

The Myths of D&I

Generational management

The Myths of Generation Z

Understanding increasingly prevalent generational differences and implications for organisations and leaders

Interview as Fireside Chat

The semi-structured interview starts as a conversation between giants (the client interviewer and John Amaechi) before opening an interactive Q&A with the audience.

Big Question

‘The Big Question’ is designed through a briefing process before the delivery of a 1-hour interactive, engaging and oftentimes humorous and challenging session. Prepared remarks comprise half the time with the rest being mediates as Audience Q&A

Really? They said that?

I’ve seen John Amaechi bring audiences to their feet in Chicago, London, Brussels and Stockholm. Thought-leader, change-agent, rock star, John is witty and wise…provocative and purposeful…informed and inspiring. His views on sports and society, business and community, race, gender and so much more, combined with his world-class presentation skills,  deliver unduplicated levels of audience engagement, conversation and buzz.

Lesa Ukman | Founder, IEG