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Bespoke solution to a leadership workplace challenge

Bespoke solution to a leadership workplace challenge

The transaction service line of a large, global professional services firm tasked APS Intelligence with improving the performance of their top 150 people globally.

There were multiple key challenges.

  • A lack of ‘connective sentiment’
  • A zero-sum game mentality
  • Protective-silo functioning
  • Size & complexity paralysis
  • Present good blocking future greatness
  • No internal ‘personality’ audit
  • Direct entry attrition and churn
  • Open disinterest in collaboration

APS Intelligence conducted cognitive interviews with a cross-section of senior leaders as well as team members who reported directly or indirectly to them and gathered data from more formal cultural assessments.

The data insights facilitated greater understanding of the status quo regarding collaboration and how policy, procedure, interpersonal and office interactions and leadership behaviours maintained and indeed encouraged an anti-teaming culture.

A bespoke 2-day programme was built from these insights delivered into a team session where each participant explored how to change their own practice and behaviours to change the status quo including:

  1. The top ten barriers to teaming and collaboration identified by the business unit
  2. An understanding of the barriers over which they had control and developing specific collaborative solutions
  3. Personal public commitment for the changes being made for personal and peer accountability

The result

The result was a significantly enhanced high performance team culture and a willingness for this top team to deliver it.

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