John Amaechi

Inspiring change

Thought leader. Inspirational. Game-changing. Transformative.

These are just some of the ways clients have described their experience working with John Amaechi OBE. As an organisational psychologist, John is capable of inspiring great change within organisations and educational institutions.

John is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the Occupational Psychology Division of the British Psychological Society, and a Research Fellow in the University of East London Department of Psychology.

Our Everyday Jedi – endorsed by Mark Hamill

John Amaechi OBE has been handed obstacles to overcome since birth, and since then has proactively sought out peaks to climb and new accomplishments to eclipse.  His life is littered with evidence of his overcoming of adversity, shunning self-doubt and wielding both pragmatic strategies and new-learned skills, as well as more esoteric psychological techniques to achieve what people routinely referred to as “the impossible.”

John’s personal characteristics and working experience in public and private sector organisations, educational institutions, and governments across the UK, mainland Europe and the United States means he approaches every engagement with a cross-cultural, intergenerational and international clarity.  The blind-spots of ‘in-group thinking’ are all but eradicated when working with John.

His psychological expertise means he approaches his working relationships from a holistic and therapeutic perspective, using anecdotes to turn complex research-based solutions into accessible insights, rather than suffering the albatross of conversations wasted, lost in translation.

John’s life is an example for those who have been thrust into challenging environments and those who have deliberately sought challenge to further their aspirations and personal development.

He has faced personal demons and worldly hurdles alike and he’s created strategies to overcome and achieve against the odds, harnessing his personal drive and stifling any self-sabotage, in a manner that makes his achievements seem, on reflection, almost inevitable.

Not satisfied with success in one arena, John continues to make incredible transitions throughout his life: from self-described “nerdy and overweight” child to the first British NBA star, international human rights ambassador, best-selling author, Royal honoree and elite psychologist.

John lives his mantra that “the most unlikely of people, in the most improbable of circumstances can become extraordinary,” and he knows that through his mentoring, coaching, and small group seminar programme, others can experience equally ground-breaking personal and organisational success.