Culture that wins

APS partners with organisations to provide broad-spectrum, evidence-based solutions to a variety of workplace challenges. These range from tactical and meaningful crisis response to longer-term strategies for improving performance across an organisation. We know that intractable People problems exist at every level of an organisation regardless of size, industry sector, or organisational chart. Our expertise means we can help you create high-performance workplace culture.

Our expertise

APS has over a decade of top-level experience. We work with organisations ranging from large multi-nationals and educational institutions, to start-ups and scale-ups across a variety of industry sectors. We use an evidence-based approach to design and deliver effective interventions in many areas, but specifically those below:

Really? They said that?

APS is clearly extremely knowledgeable about the science of human behaviour and the communication of this understanding through anecdotes of personal experience in a very conversational style is a winning formula.

Senior executive | Royal Bank of Scotland